Baby Girl Princess Cross Stitch

cross stitch_1117_13

UPDATE 11/24/17. Project is finished and framed!

UPDATE 10/21/17. Went to goal day meeting, met previous goal of finishing all stitching. Just the back stitching left now.

UPDATE 10/3/17. My dad passed this morning. Progress on this project has been put on hold for now.

UPDATE 9/23/17. Due to my dad being in hospice since mid-August I am now making loads of progress. I work on this every day while I’m up there. There are days when he sleeps a lot and others when we have time to visit. He has enjoyed seeing the progress made and how “full” it has gotten.

I finished the cross stitch for Brett yesterday and took it in for framing. I was told 2 weeks (sad) because they order frames on Wednesdays only. So me being slow didn’t finish until a Thursday.

Now it’s time to start birth sampler No. 3. As of yet there hasn’t been an announcement for baby 4. But I’m not ruling anything out at this point. Baby No. 3 was born at the end of January this year! So maybe she’ll have hers in a more timely manner.

I started this the evening of 5/11/17. (Yay documentation!) Usually I don’t start posting until I’m months in (and have no idea when I started), but I have vowed to be better about keeping up this blog, and with the Side Projects Club meetup I have motivation to work on these projects and *gasp* finish them. So if you want to follow the progress of this cross stitch from start to finish, just bookmark this blog, or maybe RSS it? I have no idea, but be sure to check back. It will be updated every 4 weeks (Goal Days at SPC).

Let the stitching begin!


Cross Stitch-An update

It’s been over a year since my last post of my cross-stitch. Honestly it hasn’t gotten much farther. Many days my husband tells me I have my goals set a little too high with all my projects. I have decided that I will spend at least a couple of evenings this week working on it. I have a couple of photo events this weekend and still have photos from last weekend to go through, so next week will be a photo week. This week will be TV and cross stitch. Sounds like a plan to me!

updated photo of angel cross stitch.

updated photo of angel cross stitch.


Cross stitch-not just an old lady craft

Angel progressI’ve been doing counted cross stitch for years. In the last few years I’ve done a couple of pretty big cross stitches. I think that I got tired of doing them for a while. I have been working on this one for at least a year now since I have so many other projects I have started.

I find cross stitch to be fairly relaxing even though I am made fun of for doing an “old lady” craft. It may not be the most exciting thing, but I think people like the finished products. I hope this will be done eventually I think I have a Winnie the Pooh up next.

I will be balancing this with my other projects and cooking. I hope to be making some yummy bars either tomorrow or this weekend. If my camera decides to tag along I hope to have a new recipe up, as long as it tastes good.

10/1/12 update: This cross stitch, months later is still about the same amount completed. I have tried in the last week or so to do one line when I sit down. Eventually this will get done. I have a pile of kits just waiting to be worked on. I have this lofty goal of getting organized with all my crafting stuff. Right now I have 3 different brands/models of drawer systems going so nothing really fits well together. I am hoping once I figure out all the crafts and supplies I have I can get it all sorted and organized and maybe I will have more motivation to finish a project once in a while.

Maybe someday I’ll have to take a vacation day from the full time job and just work on crafts all day. That sounds like something fun don’t you think?