What you can use old news (newspapers) for

This might be something that is ongoing.

Right now my uses of newspaper is a super list of 2 things I use old newspaper/ads for while crafting and gardening.

newspaper in garden1. You may have seen the use of it in my garden. I’m not sure how well the inks mix with dirt, but I’m hoping it’s not too bad and won’t cause more problems than the GMOs I inadvertently ingest.

2. Keeping old newspapers around for crafting is always good. With all intentions of not getting glues everywhere I’m just not successful. So I now coat everything with newspaper and spill away. I’m sure it would be great while painting and such as well, really any art project. Who am I kidding you probably have a stack higher than mine of papers ready to be spilled on.

3. Blocking a bee hive that is in an old swing set. As much as I don’t want to, they keep attacking my husband when he tries to mow.  If only there was a good way to communicate with bees that we don’t want to hurt them, just mow around their house.

Anyway, someday I may start adding photos and make this much more exciting to look at. I am trying to do more crafts. But I ran into a snag with my last project when I gave it as a gift before I took a photo. So I took the process of making it and then nothing at the end. :/

I’ll get a hang of this blogging thing someday.


Garden Week 3

Some plants are just fast growers, I guess. The weather is still horrible and my plants are really getting big. I bought some disposable transfer pots to transfer the pods into. I’m hoping to keep these going for a little while longer until it warms up enough outside.

With my new found space in the tray I have bought a few more seeds and am going to add broccoli, cauliflower and dill to my garden.

Here’s the progress on the green beans and cucumbers.




Green Beans

  More pods that are growing.


My Garden part 1

Since moving into our first house, my husband and I have been making sad attempts at a garden. We were lucky enough to find a house that came with a small strip up the side of the yard ready for a garden, it even has asparagus. Now we are going into our third summer at the house and if it ever stops snowing we might be able to get going on this whole garden thing again.

Here’s the run down, year one: I tried planting multiple things in the same row. Cucumber, beans, and squash all crammed together did not go so well for a successful garden.

Year two: I made a map of what I was planting. Gave the plants with big leaves lots of space. Ended up a drought year and pretty much everything died. But had lots of small tomatoes resulting in bruschetta overload.

Year three: You get to join me on the adventure this year! I have bought seeds. Not sure if I have all the things I want, but like I said, it’s not the largest space. We had my dad till in the fall. We even took up the netting stuff for the tomatoes so the dirt should be fresh this year. I hope we can get it tilled once more before planting.

Instead of trying to plant seeds outside and hope things will grow, I will be using a starter kit inside with little dirts that will grow when watered. I will be keeping you posted on their progress.garden_0413_02


The Vanishing Act

Since October I have been laying off a lot of things I used to do. I am now over a month behind on TV, tonight I am hoping to watch the sudden series finale of Leverage from Dec. 25th. Even cooking and crafting have taken a backseat recently.

I think I tried to take on a bit too much the last few months. Trying to build a photography business, an Etsy crafting shop, read my magazines (which I’m finally up to August issues), read a book (I’ve been reading Dracula since October), and blog about my doings, all while while working full time. This really hasn’t worked out as I had high hopes for last year.

And then there’s the cookbook. I have been typing up recipes from my Taste of Home and Healthy Cooking magazines. Even though it takes a while it really helps with typing skills.

So with the new year well on it’s way, I hope to be better about posting my goings ons. And hopefully get to cooking and crafting again!

Still Going

Well it’s taking me a while to get through the wedding photos. I’m taking my time trying to make sure each picture looks awesome, but I’m doing this while watching TV. Needless to say I am farther along on my TV watching than on the photos.

This weekend I have set myself some lofty goals. Most of these goals involve food! So hoping that means a few new recipes will be posted here so you can enjoy my food. Well it’s not completely mine, but I have trouble following recipes, so they are (sometimes heavily) altered versions of what I have found either on Pintrest (great source for quick dinner ideas), in Taste of Home or just around the blogging world.

My other goal this weekend is to get those wedding photos done. The formals are just holding me up.. We weren’t able to have as much fun with them as I had hoped so I think that’s why I’m just not moving through them faster. Then there’s a photo book I want to make of my honeymoon from almost 3 years ago. We went to Jamaica and I never really went through all of the photos. That should be really exciting to see what I did get and finally have an album of sorts of it. (Those lovely coupons are the only time I can afford those darn books).

My other lofty goal is to get the calendar done for Julie, and get a journal/sketchbook made to list on Etsy. I’ve been falling behind on that kind of thing and need to try and get back to it.

Not sure if there is enough time this weekend to finish everything. I normally end up sleeping through most of my days off and get next to nothing accomplished. If all goes well though there should be some posts with photos again!


I can’t believe I am forgetting about something I’m about to embark on. It involves my new dining room chairs.

These chairs aren’t actually new. I have recently acquired my great-grandmother’s dining room table and chairs from a different table. These chairs will need to be stained a little darker to match and they surely need to be recovered. That’s when the fun starts. Picking a new fabric and color. They also need padding, BAD.

If anyone has reupholstered and put padding on an old wood chair a few tips of the trade would be appreciated! I will be documenting the results once I figure out how I will be going about this little venture.

I’m still here

I know it may seem like I’ve fallen off the internet world. I really haven’t, I’m just trying to keep up with my life. I have gotten into a few too many side projects. I have so many things I want to do that I just keep starting things with no sense of where they should go.

I have updated my Etsy with more notecards and a few postcards. Not sure if anyone still writes thank yous or just general how you doing cards, but I make them if you want to check them out. I have been trying my hand at jewelry which is going ok.

Another thing I’ve been trying to do is build up my photography. Just did a family and newborn session two weeks ago. And I have another family session and a wedding at the end of April.

Still trying to cook when I can. Typing up recipes is the next thing I need to get back to. I’ve fallen way behind and my Taste of Home magazines are piling (I get the Healthy Cooking one too).

Anyway I think that about sums things up, I have many interests and just haven’t found what I want to do all the time, so I keep working on a mirage of projects.