I’m still here

I know it may seem like I’ve fallen off the internet world. I really haven’t, I’m just trying to keep up with my life. I have gotten into a few too many side projects. I have so many things I want to do that I just keep starting things with no sense of where they should go.

I have updated my Etsy with more notecards and a few postcards. Not sure if anyone still writes thank yous or just general how you doing cards, but I make them if you want to check them out. I have been trying my hand at jewelry which is going ok.

Another thing I’ve been trying to do is build up my photography. Just did a family and newborn session two weeks ago. And I have another family session and a wedding at the end of April.

Still trying to cook when I can. Typing up recipes is the next thing I need to get back to. I’ve fallen way behind and my Taste of Home magazines are piling (I get the Healthy Cooking one too).

Anyway I think that about sums things up, I have many interests and just haven’t found what I want to do all the time, so I keep working on a mirage of projects.


The Plan

We all have plans of what we want to do. It feels that my list just keeps getting longer. I started out this year wanting to read more. Now I hindered myself a bit when starting my third book of the year, continuing the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. I’m not even much of a vampire fan, maybe in high school a few years back, but I remember more about pirates than vampires. I think I’m determined to read the books just to say I did and so I will understand any references in the rare case someone might be so inclined to reference books from the ’80s.

Anyway as we have now entered into month 2 of this year I have rediscovered my love of all things crafting. And continuing my new enjoyment of cooking. This week I have meals planned for every night. Mostly chicken dishes. Apparently mushrooms go really well with chicken. But tonight will be the test of my new Star Wars® cookie cutters. I not only decided to try a whole new cookie recipe (to get rid of some sour cream) I am going to test out new cookie cutters. We will see how this turns out. I hope to remember my camera while making them for another post on, well just ending up with cool looking cookies. Sadly I have not mastered the art of frosting, so these will be plain tan cookies.

Also on the horizon are lots of new and a few old projects that I am working on. If anyone is interested I can keep a running progress on a counted cross stitch kit that I have bee slowly working on over the last year or so (too many other things to work on, so it’s been back burnered). I also make these cool note cards out of card stock and old wallpaper samples. I am going to test run some postcards too, not sure if the glue will hold through the mail process. These are my old things that I have been doing for a while. (I just love working with the wallpaper samples and their fun textures.)

The new projects are going to include transferring photos to wood, it looked cool on Pintrest and I am just waiting for some nice weather and a few kids I know to be available to be my models. I hope this can be a project I can promote with Etsy and make custom art from people’s photos. Another possible custom Etsy project are pins. I was thinking “save the date” or even putting a logo or symbol on them for businesses to hand out to potential clients. I think for “save the date” it would be something different than the customary postcard or magnet. Those are the two things that I am hoping to get started on first, but I’m always adding new stuff.

So keep checking in once in a while to see what I might be up to next.