The Weekend!

The weekend is so close now.. since I didn’t post this earlier you wouldn’t know, but at the beginning of the week I decided I wanted to try the Dr. Oz 48 hour cleanse. This means lots of shopping. I thought I had lots of “healthy food” in the kitchen, but apparently not. I have a long list of fresh veggies and a few fruits to get beyond that of the normal weekend shopping trip.

The other goal of the weekend is to figure out my new external flashes. I am working with a mini studio set up in my house to work on lighting and people shots. I am hoping to post some of the pictures to get a little feedback on how to make everything work well together. I have until April to know what I’m doing for my sister-in-laws wedding.

It should be a very busy weekend!



time for me to start a blog. It’s a companion to my Etsy shop. I enjoy doing things from photography, crafts to cooking and baking. Maybe if I get around to it I might write some of what I do down. In the meantime check out my sparse shop at: and just some general what my photos are like at

Stay tuned for (hopefully) more exciting posts.