Hi, I’m Katie.

This blog is a compilation of what I do hobby wise. So don’t worry no complaining about work and how annoying people can be. I started this blog more to show off that I am someone with more than one talent. I enjoy working with different mediums, but I always get drawn back to paper.

I am the owner/photographer at  T2S photography with my husband (he’s the tall, I’m the short T2S). I would like to build up a client base of people who wouldn’t mind me being their photographer for things like family and/or business portraits. I offer some awesome products and even do custom designs on things like e-mounts and canvas so you can have unique art on your wall!

On the craft side currently I am focused on note cards made from wallpaper samples. But I also can cross stitch. I have many ideas for more things I would like to make thanks to Pinterest.

Cooking and baking I discovered I could do after I got married and received a spice rack from my sister. The first few things I made were pretty bland, but now I have branched out and can make a wide variety of foods. I am a huge fan of making food from scratch so I know what the ingredients are. I really believe that a lot of problems (health and mental) stem from what we are eating and that we have the right to know what is in our foods and we shouldn’t have to sacrifice flavor or our budget/pocketbook to get food that’s fuel. Enough on that rant since I may have a post about it some other day. I hope with my cooking I will leave you with some good easy things to make that taste awesome! And I’ll be doing some photography with that it’s a two for one!

My last last (and most time consuming) hobby would be watching TV. Way too many good shows on now. I am normally working on some craft project (editing photos) while the TV is on (more the DVR) so it’s a multi-tasking hobby. And I blog about it intermittently, that is my complaining blog.


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