Hi, I’m Katie.

This blog is a compilation of what I do craft-hobby wise. So don’t worry no complaining about work and how annoying people can be. I started this blog more to show off that I am someone with more than one talent. I enjoy working with different mediums, but I always get drawn back to paper.

While I am trying to branch out with my crafting it is still mostly cards; mostly made from wallpaper samples. But I also can cross stitch, use a few power tools, and dabble in basic jewelry making. I have ideas for more things I would like to make thanks to Pinterest.

My future “day job” will be T2S photography. I am building up a client base of people who need consistent  photography for their businesses. I am also doing personal branding photography to help entrepreneurs have a collection of images to use for their marketing. I also offer some awesome products and even do custom designs on things like e-mounts and canvas so you can have unique art on your wall!

Cooking and baking I discovered I could do after I got married and received a spice rack from my sister. I am a huge fan of making food from scratch so I know what the ingredients are. I have moved all food/recipe posts to a new blog Riesberg Recipes, check it out!

My last last (and most time consuming) hobby would be watching TV. Way too many good shows on now. I am normally working on some craft project (editing photos) while the TV is on (more the DVR) so it’s a multi-tasking hobby. And I blog about it intermittently, that is my complaining blog.

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