Adding Some Extra Sparkle

This is my second dive into the world of glitter glue as a way to embellish cards. It’s still something new, but I am looking for different cards that could you an extra something to take them from being more flat to more interesting. You can see all of my available wallpaper cards here.

dark blue with green-blue glitter swirls I have a card from this same paper that is not decorated. I want to keep each card unique, even though the pattern would be slightly different on both cards I felt this needed something more to really stand out from the other one.

Unlike many card makers, I don’t want to make the same card again and again. I want each card to be unique in its own way. I hope that this approach appeals to people because it means that no 2 cards from me are alike so you don’t have to worry about sending the same card twice.

wallpaper cards embelish_0718_13

This card might be a little on repeat since the paper comes in multiple colors with the same silver dollar seashell on it. I can cut them different ways to get the seashells in different patterns, but overall they are fairly similar in terms of look. This one has a gold glitter inlay that I added.

abstract painted look with added glitter and paintThe extremely large pack of glitter glue I purchased also came with some solid colored glue. At least I assume it’s still glue. Unlike paint it dries mounded to give a more 3D effect. All of the tubes come in what looks more pastel like, but dries brighter, it’s a good alternate if you don’t want everything to be sparkly.

These cards make a nice addition to my wallpaper card offerings.

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