May Day

How are you planning to celebrate May Day with your family?

Growing up I would make a basket for the neighbors who lived behind us growing up. It was like a friendly ding dong ditch, because you left them treats in a basket. Once I was older they informed me that they knew it was me, and I was terrible at hiding. Either way it was fun for both sides.

Last year I made some cookies and took them to my previous temp job and the neighbors. This year I won’t be ringing any doorbells, just sending some snail mail. These will be arriving in DC hopefully today!

I decided some May Day cards were in order.

T2S photography

They are a mix of paint, wallpaper, scrapbook paper, and of course a dab of glitter glue. I used the Cricut to draw the word outlines and to cut out the tulips. I think I did fairly well lining up the text pretty close to the center. I’ll get there eventually with this more complex cards. I know they aren’t the most gorgeous things you’ve ever seen, but it’s a work in progress.


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