Apples, Sharpies, and Glitter Glue

wallpaper cards embelish_0318_04

I finally broke down and bought the 50 pack of glitter glue at Sam’s. There are so many possibilities now! For these cards I also broke out the Cricut (affiliate) again. It’s been collecting dust the last few weeks.

As I was going through all of my wallpaper cards and cataloging them I found two with a single apple on them. At the time I didn’t see a reason to do anything extra and found them artistic in their own way. With my new crafting tools I decided to spice up these cards.

wallpaper cards embelish_0318_02

With the help of a friend I started looking for sayings involving apples. Unfortunately many are quite long. I did find one to use. The other card has

wallpaper cards embelish_0318_01

become a Get Well card because of the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” I guess it will take someone with the right type of humor to accept receiving the card as something that is not some underhanded jibe.

So there you have it, the new cards for the month of March!

Birthday Panda

The combination of two wonderful things, cards and cross stitch. This project combines both in a wonderful way. I got the Birthday Panda as a free chart from When I saw it I just knew it had to go to my cousin Amanda for her birthday. (Which is today by the way)

She is finishing up her podiatry residency all the way on the East Coast (we’re from Nebraska) and I wanted to send her a little something special. I’m on a card making spree this year!


The full card took probably 12 or so hours to make. And that’s not including the time to hunt down the colors for it (which aren’t all “correct”) I’ve been trying to use up thread from years of previous projects. I think it turned out pretty good.


I was going to use ribbon at the bottom like the example, but found this adhesive rhinestone ribbon stuff at my mom’s in with her other ribbon and felt it was just perfect for this project. The next cross stitch card I am making my mom told me I have to use this on as well. (Coming August 2018) So you’ll have to wait a while to see that card.


I used the Cricut to cut a box the size I needed, it took 4 cards (2 nice pink ones, then 2 practice sheets) to place the square where I needed it. Eventually I got it and away we went!

I used double sided tape to attach the design to the blue paper, then used the non cut half of my white practice card to hide the back of the design, using more double sided tape to hold everything together.

Feel free to share this on Pinterest or make one yourself!