The Birdfeeder

I got this brilliant idea to make my own bird feeder. This is out of selfishness of wanting to be amused by my cat Coco Puff. She loves to talk to birds that take a breather on the deck. They don’t stop by all that often, so I thought, maybe get some bowls and have a little place for birds to come eat,  drink, and be chatted to by my cat. (Someday I hope to capture her “chirps” on video)

I took a trip to Goodwill to find something to house my birdseed and water. I didn’t want the traditional bird feeder. My original idea was to have two bowls on a long plate. I found this instead.

So far it’s doing it’s job. And attracting some squirrels too. But hey Coco doesn’t mind, she likes to pretend she’s talking and chasing all of them.