Making brown rice, not the instant stuff

In my quest to cook with more natural ingredients I have shunned instant rice. I now buy my rice in the bulk section of Whole Foods in the hopes that the grain is a little more nutritious. Making rice that’s not instant felt very daunting. I don’t know why, it seems like such a simple thing to cook, but the second it becomes a raw food to cook it seems much more challenging.

After a short search I cam across this blog of Steve Pavlina‘s. He explains the cooking of this rice in a very simple way. Who knew? I only needed about 30 minutes to make it from start to finish. You may be wondering why I am going through all this effort to make rice, well it’s an ingredient in a soup I wanted to attempt. I decided to wing it a little with this soup and come up with my own measurements…now I have a rice side with some turkey breast and pasta sauce in it. The rice is really thirsty.

Anyway, here is how to cook up some brown rice that is not of the instant variety. (What do they do to it to make it cook so much faster?)

How to cook Brown Rice

1.5 c water for every 1 c of rice
I made 2 c of rice. Simple math time…3 c water…and it worked!

put water and rice together roiling boil

First step: put the water and rice together in a pot, uncovered, heat to rolling boil.

cover the rice

Next: lower heat so water is simmering, cover, let simmer for 20 minutes.

all done

Finally: turn off heat, let sit minimum of 10 minutes. Then either eat or in my case add it to my soup attempt.

There you have it, super simple, just takes that little extra time to be prepared.