Custom Flour for Baking

Whole wheat, spelt, and unbleached flour

Whole wheat, spelt, and unbleached all-purpose flour

Just a quick recipe I would like to share for anyone who would like to start baking with whole wheat flour. From experience don’t switch your baking to 100% whole wheat, it’s just icky. But this is the ratio of flours I have come up with and works pretty well for almost all of my baking. There are some flops here and there, but for the most part it works out pretty well. This also works great for pizza dough. Just don’t tell anyone, they won’t notice the difference until you say something.

Katie’s Custom Flour Mix

.25 c 100% whole wheat stone ground flour (Hodgeson Mill)
.25 c spelt flour, unbleached, sometimes comes in wheat (Whole Foods bulk section)
.5 c all purpose flour, unbleached, unenriched (Trader Joe’s)

For each cup I whisk it together to blend the flours as much as I can. I use one of those medium sized Oxo airtight pop-top containers for mixing and storage. Pretty much an air-tight container is the best storage for flour.


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