DIY Sketchbook/Journal

My sometimes wanning addiction to Pintrest is what lead to this project. Years ago I made a journal at a lady’s house, she was a friend of my mom. She had countless stamps at her disposal, I’m sure those fancy punches too. I assume she was a scrapbooker normally, which is an expensive hobby, and so she invited people to make journals. These journals cost around $20 for use of the supplies. The books and pages were pre-cut into 5×7’s and then hole punched. All you had to do was decorate the covers and assemble. My journal ended up with a combo of Elizabethan and Egyptian theme to it. Odd, but looked cool. We even pasted in a little blurb about a gratitude journal into it. I think Oprah had recently mentioned them on a show. Mind you I made this at least 10 if not 15 years ago.

Now I am taking that premise and adding a new and more complicated twist. I took the idea of transferring photos to wood blocks from Pintrest (see here). I’ve taken this and have been working on transferring photos to mat board to create the cover of my journals. The first one I made I gave to a then co-worker who was looking for a more pocket friendly, line free sketchbook. So now these journals are more pretty blank page books for whatever you want.

IMG_3321The first time I tried to make a transfer I decided to forgo the instructions from the bottle of transfer adhesive stuff and chose to follow the Pintrest video instead. This worked out ok, but with so much paper and lots of water, it just didn’t work out as well as I had hoped. There were lots of white streaks from where not only the paper came up, but the photo as well. This was turned into abstract wall art instead of a journal.

I  decided that my second go of the photo transferring should be attempted after reading the instructions on the bottle. Just so you know this still uses a lot of water, and I swear shrinks up the picture a little. And as it dries, add more water, these transfers are super thin and tear easily. This project takes a lot of patience, but the end result is worth it. Now I am working up some more journals to list on Etsy.


Sadly this set ended up too dry when I went to adhere it to the matte board, so there are no finished project images. But I have had a couple of successes, just not this time.


Custom Flour for Baking

Whole wheat, spelt, and unbleached flour

Whole wheat, spelt, and unbleached all-purpose flour

Just a quick recipe I would like to share for anyone who would like to start baking with whole wheat flour. From experience don’t switch your baking to 100% whole wheat, it’s just icky. But this is the ratio of flours I have come up with and works pretty well for almost all of my baking. There are some flops here and there, but for the most part it works out pretty well. This also works great for pizza dough. Just don’t tell anyone, they won’t notice the difference until you say something.

Katie’s Custom Flour Mix

.25 c 100% whole wheat stone ground flour (Hodgeson Mill)
.25 c spelt flour, unbleached, sometimes comes in wheat (Whole Foods bulk section)
.5 c all purpose flour, unbleached, unenriched (Trader Joe’s)

For each cup I whisk it together to blend the flours as much as I can. I use one of those medium sized Oxo airtight pop-top containers for mixing and storage. Pretty much an air-tight container is the best storage for flour.

A Basketball Game

Last week I got the opportunity to test out my new lens. It’s a Canon 70-200 f/2.8. Not really the type of thing you take to a party. But I was able to take it to a Creighton basketball game to take photos for a non-profit and I snuck in a few game shots as well. I’m not much of a sport photographer, and this was very impromtu. Below are a few of the images I captured. I am still amazed with the first one, because the players are so angled and yet they don’t fall over.