The Vanishing Act

Since October I have been laying off a lot of things I used to do. I am now over a month behind on TV, tonight I am hoping to watch the sudden series finale of Leverage from Dec. 25th. Even cooking and crafting have taken a backseat recently.

I think I tried to take on a bit too much the last few months. Trying to build a photography business, an Etsy crafting shop, read my magazines (which I’m finally up to August issues), read a book (I’ve been reading Dracula since October), and blog about my doings, all while while working full time. This really hasn’t worked out as I had high hopes for last year.

And then there’s the cookbook. I have been typing up recipes from my Taste of Home and Healthy Cooking magazines. Even though it takes a while it really helps with typing skills.

So with the new year well on it’s way, I hope to be better about posting my goings ons. And hopefully get to cooking and crafting again!