Life just keeps happening!

As by the title I’m sure you know what’s coming. My ever present apologies for not posting anything. To my very few followers. I have given thought and remembered that a while back (June/Julyish) I was taking pictures like crazy of all the food I was making. Those photos were then put in a folder on a computer. Which one is something I will have to figure out, and what folder as well.

After I find those pictures I hope to get a couple of recipes up. One is for cheesecake! To go with the crust I put up a long time ago. The weather in this part of the country got super hot and dry. So for a couple months baking was a bit out of the question. Anyway posting more is on my ever expanding to do list.

On the photography front, it’s been going better. I’ve had a couple of sessions, which is partially why I’m so behind on here. Now I can only pray for a few referrals, I’ve already started my shopping list. First up is the next lens I want (Canon 24-70 f/2.8), the new one that’s not even out yet.