Business Card Frenzy


In my quest to stand out I have decided to make my own business cards. My first venture was to create hand texturized cards. I have handed out a few and have gotten some positive feedback. But I felt that I need to get back to my favorite paper, wallpaper. It may not be the most exciting thing to see on a wall, but as a repurposed paper it’s awesome!

I have made my share of note cards with wallpaper, and recently turned some into postcards. Now I have turned my love of wallpaper loose on business cards. I think it really gives a whole new look and feel to business cards and could, I think, give an edge to the person handing out their card. I make these in small batches to keep them unique. I hope to get a set listed on Etsy soon.

I’m excited about this new way to use wallpaper and I hope others enjoy it too. There are so many possibilities, many more colorful than my first example, but I do like the texture. I say when it comes to making yourself noticed dare to stand out with these awesome cards.

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