Flying Time

I’m sorry I haven’t really written much lately. I haven’t been doing much crafting or cooking. I’ve been doing a little photography and a lot of reading.

This weekend will be something exciting though. I will be the main photographer at my sister-in-laws wedding. We are really hoping for no rain Friday or Saturday. I will also be doing family photos for my husbands’ aunt and her family on Friday..As of today, expecting rain of course! I even bought a 32GB card just for this occasion of the wedding. I’m hoping between that and a 16GB I should have plenty of space to take photos all day.

After everything is done I hope to get back to crafts. I have a bracelet all laid out to be strung, I think that will be my next task. Maybe working on my cross stitch again (see previous post). That will be one of those 5 years in the making projects.

As for reading I am working on 3 books right now, I think that’s my limit of number of books at once. I’m working on The Frozen Pirate, it’s a classic, I think supposed to be a thriller, but 1800’s scary isn’t all that riveting. Then there’s Memnoch the Devil, the final Vampire Chronicle! Finally, I honestly just want to say I’ve read it, and then I seem to understand more references the more I read. Finally is Disclosure (Michael Crichton). This one is almost funny with how much technology has changed since the mid ’90s. I haven’t gotten too far, but it’s a Crichton book so I have no worries that it will be good. If you’re super curious on my progress check out my Good Reads.

I hope to get back to posting, with photos, soon. Maybe even try out a new recipe. I’ve been working on typing up a whole bunch of them, which actually takes a lot of time. And I got this crazy thought that I want to put all like recipes together i.e. all soups together in the main dishes. Only flaw in that is that I’m always going to be finding new recipes and so the pages will be changing all the time.

Anyway enough of my babbling. Just wanted to post yet another update on what’s going on.


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