I can’t believe I am forgetting about something I’m about to embark on. It involves my new dining room chairs.

These chairs aren’t actually new. I have recently acquired my great-grandmother’s dining room table and chairs from a different table. These chairs will need to be stained a little darker to match and they surely need to be recovered. That’s when the fun starts. Picking a new fabric and color. They also need padding, BAD.

If anyone has reupholstered and put padding on an old wood chair a few tips of the trade would be appreciated! I will be documenting the results once I figure out how I will be going about this little venture.

Cross stitch-not just an old lady craft

Angel progressI’ve been doing counted cross stitch for years. In the last few years I’ve done a couple of pretty big cross stitches. I think that I got tired of doing them for a while. I have been working on this one for at least a year now since I have so many other projects I have started.

I find cross stitch to be fairly relaxing even though I am made fun of for doing an “old lady” craft. It may not be the most exciting thing, but I think people like the finished products. I hope this will be done eventually I think I have a Winnie the Pooh up next.

I will be balancing this with my other projects and cooking. I hope to be making some yummy bars either tomorrow or this weekend. If my camera decides to tag along I hope to have a new recipe up, as long as it tastes good.

10/1/12 update: This cross stitch, months later is still about the same amount completed. I have tried in the last week or so to do one line when I sit down. Eventually this will get done. I have a pile of kits just waiting to be worked on. I have this lofty goal of getting organized with all my crafting stuff. Right now I have 3 different brands/models of drawer systems going so nothing really fits well together. I am hoping once I figure out all the crafts and supplies I have I can get it all sorted and organized and maybe I will have more motivation to finish a project once in a while.

Maybe someday I’ll have to take a vacation day from the full time job and just work on crafts all day. That sounds like something fun don’t you think?

I’m still here

I know it may seem like I’ve fallen off the internet world. I really haven’t, I’m just trying to keep up with my life. I have gotten into a few too many side projects. I have so many things I want to do that I just keep starting things with no sense of where they should go.

I have updated my Etsy with more notecards and a few postcards. Not sure if anyone still writes thank yous or just general how you doing cards, but I make them if you want to check them out. I have been trying my hand at jewelry which is going ok.

Another thing I’ve been trying to do is build up my photography. Just did a family and newborn session two weeks ago. And I have another family session and a wedding at the end of April.

Still trying to cook when I can. Typing up recipes is the next thing I need to get back to. I’ve fallen way behind and my Taste of Home magazines are piling (I get the Healthy Cooking one too).

Anyway I think that about sums things up, I have many interests and just haven’t found what I want to do all the time, so I keep working on a mirage of projects.

Transfering photos, making mixed media

I found this new thing trending on Pintrest.. photo transfers. Now most of what I was seeing was transferring to wood, I had a little different idea..

I had these pre-cut (roughly 5×7) pieces of matte board from when I had the ambition to create sample portfolios to leave at job interviews (that never panned out). Anyway I figured before I go out and buy some wood and have my dad cut it for me I would do a test run of how to transfer photos.

gel medium (transfer glue stuff)
foam brush or regular brush
piece of wood or matte board
photo printed (laser printer) on regular old printer paper
lots of newspaper, to keep your table clean
gloves, the glue gets messy
water, for rubbing off the paper
some sort of Mod Podge

First cover your board with the gel medium and you can cover the photo too if you want. Put the photo onto the board and push down to get all the bubbles. Let it dry overnight. The next day wet the photo side, wait a little bit then start rubbing the paper off. This will take a while. When your done put on as many layers of Mod Podge or something similar as you see fit. And feel free to explore different textures by painting the Mod Podge on in different directions.

Once I’m done making it I drill holes, one on each side and put wire through so that it can be easily hung.

They work great to decorate a drab cubicle or just hang somewhere around the house.