Banana Cake II-all

I’m getting super lazy about taking pictures with my cooking and even crafting. Anyway last night I was able to bake a cake using my sour milk and bananas that needed to be used. And a couple of eggs that were long overdue to be used. I think I have been buying a few too many bananas since I keep baking with them.

Found the recipe here:

I cut way back on the sugar, and now think it calls for a caramel frosting. It doesn’t look like much when I make it, but it’s good.

On the crafting front I tried transferring a photo onto mat board. Worked ok, except I rubbed most of the picture out of the middle. I am excited to try again though. The parts I didn’t rub off looked pretty neat. Maybe a future Etsy thing, more interesting than selling just photo prints.

I will try my best to be better about keeping up to date on the latest.

And on a personal note I got my first freelance photography job. Taking photos for a local company of their products! Things are looking up.


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