Customized Thermos

I’ve been seeing more and more customized products, mugs, tumblers, wine glasses, etc. Before the end of last year I thought people were just magical being able to create such items.

The backstory: I wanted to create my own stencils so I wouldn’t have to rely on other people’s designs and size constraints. I started looking into flexible plastic (still haven’t gotten any) and how to cut it with more precision than an exacto knife and hand drawn lines. That’s when I stumbled on a product called the Cricut.

Upon this discovery my husband set out on a journey to find which machine and starter kit would work best for my beginner needs. I ended up with the Explore Air 2 which had just come out and a huge variety of items to try out.

thermos_0718_01My favorite item so far has been the adhesive foil. I have a variety pack of metallic adhesive foil that I have used on a variety of cards and paper projects. This is the first project where I am using the foil on a much used item.

I’ve had this thermos for many years, as you might be able to see it’s a little beat up, the paint is chipped…it’s seen better days.

I wanted to get a purple one, but can’t find it in stock. So I am still using this one and wanted to make the leap to making something that’s popular. Luckily I have a graphic design background and understand Illustrator, making the Cricut less of a learning curve than it seems to be for many new users. I drew the camera in Illustrator and exported my SVG file to cut out my pattern.

I know the foil isn’t considered “permanent” but we don’t use the dishwasher so I think with hand washing it should stick for a while. So far it’s made it 3 days.




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Stencils & Paint

So who knew that using a stencil with paint could be so challenging?

Maybe it’s just me, maybe I don’t hold the stencil down enough, but each flower I stenciled onto this card with paint is a little different. I did chose a very light paint color to add to this. I was going for a more blended look than something bright that would stand out more.

I think the light grey is a nice compliment to the overall paper colors. I was toying with an orange color until I went to look at it and found it was more construction orange than pastel.

wallpaper cards embelish_0718_14

The flower second from the bottom is the closest to the stencil I used. Once I pulled up the stencil I wished I had done this card the other way with the large flower on bottom for better balance. That feeling could also be from the excessive amount of paint that ended up bleeding out making the petals blend together more. The downside to using such a light color and not being familiar with paint. I thought nothing was happening, oops.

I am continuing to use a makeup sponge for painting with stencils. I learned this trick from an Introduction to Art Journaling class on CreativeLive (seriously check them out, On-Air classes are free to watch!). To be honest it is that class (which was On-Air one day) that got me started on this new way of working on wallpaper cards.

It’s amazing how sometimes the most random thing can spark an idea for a completely different project.

Happy crafting!


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This post uses affiliate links. This just means that if you go to the site and end up buying something I’ll get a small percent, this doesn’t increase the cost to you at all. 🙂

All commissions from affiliate links go to the maintenance of this blog. Thank you for your support!

L is for Liesel

This is a project I have thought about doing for years. I met my friend about 5 years ago, she already had her two children at the time around 6 and 3 years old. They were past the point of making birth samplers, but I wanted to make them something.


During an estate sale my mom picked up some Precious Moments cross stitch books, one of them being the alphabet book. While some of the images with the letters would today be seen as offensive (I is Indian…N for girl is Nurse…M for boy is Mexican and for girl Mom…). I digress…The L in this case for boy and girl is Lion. So I was happy to move forward with creating this without worrying about offending someone.

When I started I thought this would be a large image because the pattern is pretty good sized. Once I went to cut the fabric I was in for a surprise. This pattern would fit on a card! So a card it will be.

Once I got through the lion (color changes and quarter stitches everywhere!) this project went pretty fast. This is also one of the few projects that I mostly used the correct DMC colors for. I haven’t done many projects with brown, especially light browns and tans, so I needed to go hunting for the real thing.


After I finished assembling the card it looked a bit plain. Since this is for a 10 year old I thought maybe it needed a little something extra. I went into the spare room with all the random things and saw my glitter glue collection. That was the answer! I think it turned out pretty good for having the cats help me.



Started: June 16th
Finished: July 13th

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Adding Some Extra Sparkle

This is my second dive into the world of glitter glue as a way to embellish cards. It’s still something new, but I am looking for different cards that could you an extra something to take them from being more flat to more interesting. You can see all of my available wallpaper cards here.

dark blue with green-blue glitter swirls I have a card from this same paper that is not decorated. I want to keep each card unique, even though the pattern would be slightly different on both cards I felt this needed something more to really stand out from the other one.

Unlike many card makers, I don’t want to make the same card again and again. I want each card to be unique in its own way. I hope that this approach appeals to people because it means that no 2 cards from me are alike so you don’t have to worry about sending the same card twice.

wallpaper cards embelish_0718_13

This card might be a little on repeat since the paper comes in multiple colors with the same silver dollar seashell on it. I can cut them different ways to get the seashells in different patterns, but overall they are fairly similar in terms of look. This one has a gold glitter inlay that I added.

abstract painted look with added glitter and paintThe extremely large pack of glitter glue I purchased also came with some solid colored glue. At least I assume it’s still glue. Unlike paint it dries mounded to give a more 3D effect. All of the tubes come in what looks more pastel like, but dries brighter, it’s a good alternate if you don’t want everything to be sparkly.

These cards make a nice addition to my wallpaper card offerings.

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Happy Birthday Clown

This cross stitch was started 6/3 and finished 6/16. I needed a fast turn around so it could be mailed to my cousin in Texas.


the beginning

Everything starts as a blank canvas. This is the first time I have cut enough fabric that I didn’t have to worry if I would stitch right off the side. I’m learning and making progress making non kit cross stitches.

I chose this pattern from a library book I checked out. My cousin was really into clowns as a kid, he had them all over his room. So when I saw this I immediately thought of him and looked up his birthday to make sure I could get it done for this year.


The finished card

It took a little time to pick a color for this card. I wanted to keep it bright and not clash too much. I think it turned out just right. I even got the square cut just the right size. It may not have cut in the exact right spot I wanted, but it was the right size. Like I said, I’m learning and getting better at this!

If anyone is interested in a cross stitch card, I plan to start selling them once I finish my personal card list.



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Class of 2018

This was a fairly fast project. 2 colors and my first design out of WinStitch. I’m still figuring out the program, it seems a bit on the clunky side. I could just be spoiled by using Adobe for so many years and having many customization options at my fingertips.


In progress

The framing took a while. I had to attempt to re-cut the matte, that didn’t end well. Then trying to get the tiny letters cut out with the Cricut to stick semi-straight onto the matte board was a frustrating mess. But hey now it’s done and it can be wrapped and packed.

cross stitch_0618_01


Started: May 15th
Finished: June 3rd


Started: June 4th
Finished: June 6th

Feel Better! – A Bandaid card

This card was inspired by a Pin I saw for Get Well Soon. Now mine is not near as cute, but for a first attempt and being in a rush, I’d say it’s ok.

I also discovered that Sharpies don’t retain their ink forever if you don’t use them. Mine crapped out part way through making this look a little odd.

I also chose to hand letter this card instead of printing and tracing using my lightboard or having the Cricut do the writing for me. The paper was really thin, so putting it on a mat for the Cricut wouldn’t have been the best choice to get writing on it that way.


The balloons I drew myself in the design space for Cricut and cut out of wallpaper I have on hand. (Seriously huge drawer full of wallpaper samples!)

The googly eyes on the BandAid are glued on with some E6000, again something I have on hand from a previous project.

I made this card initially for my line manager who had a double knee replacement at the temp job I’ve been working, but I’m not sure if she’ll end up getting it, or if it will end up for sale. Who knows! This card is just a floater for the moment.


This post uses affiliate links. This just means that if you go to the site and end up buying something I’ll get a small percent, this doesn’t increase the cost to you at all. 🙂